His Majesty’s Commission of Lieutenancy for the City of London

Back to the Future

Welcome to the homepage of the website of His Majesty’s Commission of Lieutenancy for The City of London. The title of this organisation may be long and its history unusual, but in its modern form, its purpose is to be nimble and forward-looking.

Rather Different

Unlike other Lieutenancies, The City of London Lieutenancy comprises members who are named annually in a warrant issued by the Crown. Its members are not Deputy Lieutenants, as in Greater London, nor is there any individual Lord-Lieutenant. The Lord Mayor can be regarded as a first amongst equals and the role has many similarities. The concept of representing the Monarch in the relevant area certainly applies.

A Variety of Activities

As you will see, members of the Commission (whom we call Lieutenants) are eminent and come from a variety of different backgrounds, closely connected either with the Armed Forces or Cadets or with the City of London. They all share an infectious enthusiasm which can be harnessed in a variety of different ways, not the least to recognise those who volunteer and are a force for good.

The Lieutenancy works with the City’s Reserve Forces and Cadets Association in supporting local units of reservists and cadets, getting to know their work and using its small Trophy Tax to help fund training and other activities.

The Lieutenants, on behalf of the King, support the Lord Mayor in hosting the giving of medals and awards, not just to the military but to cadets, adult volunteers and other deserving causes. Through less formal and more individual contact, the Lieutenants are able to show the human face of the King’s representatives in the City. This approach, working within the City, uses soft power to achieve the objectives of increasing engagement and as a supporter of those who contribute to society.

Many Opportunities

The Lieutenancy is always delighted to engage with the curious and to explore new opportunities to make a difference. The world may seem challenging but behind every challenge is an opportunity. Like many other institutions in the City of London, the Lieutenancy will only become better known and able to add value if it remains modern and relevant, having learned much from its long history.